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We mentioned setting up this wiki when Rob and I spoke with you yesterday afternoon, it was great to talk to you all again. This wiki is for all of us to use and I hope that you will all help to build it by adding pages, adding content, asking questions and providing answers. Once you have signed up, you will be able to click on the 'edit this page' link to make any changes to a page, or click on the 'new page' link (in left column) to create a new page.

You can browse the site by clicking on the pages under 'navigation'.

Have fun, and I look forward to seeing your input!


Kia ora Esther,
I am learning about wikis today with Indira's help. Will post library stuff soon if this works.

Kia ora Colin and Indira!
Great to be on this learning curve together.

Kia ora Aotea
Here is the planning message for our forthcoming visit:

Strengthening School Libraries Project Visit to Great Barrier Island
11-12 September
Rosemary Tisdall and Rob Finlay

Thursday 11 September

Arriving approx 8.15 am
Collecting car

Thursday am-
Mulberry Grove School

Thursday pm-

Lunch and afternoon- flexible- Mulberry Grove and/or Kaitoke

4 pm- 3 schools combined at Mulberry Grove- to look at common goals and actions

Thursday night- accommodation at Bob and Tipi’s, Tryphena

Friday 12 September

Friday am- Okiwi School

Friday pm-
Kaitoke School

4.30 pm-
Rosemary to Claris Airport for 5.00 pm flight

(Friday 14 September- 5 pm- Rob flies out, having done some exploration)

Proposed actions at each school:
- an initial explanation of what SSLP is about and a discussion of expectations of the school
- a collection assessment- mainly done by Rosemary Tisdall, with the idea of building up a buying plan for each school (or for the three schools together)
-planning- selecting goals and actions for the school- largely with Rob
-troubleshooting and any practical issues that need dealing with now.
This could include things like SCISsing records etc.

Timeframe for SSLP

11-12 September- Initial meetings to establish Strengthening School Libraries Programme, set goals and actions, assess collections

Development of a buying plan- Rosemary Tisdall with schools
Implementation of actions, including setting up distance communication
Schools will need to ensure that the systems are in place to catalogue and process new books.

14 November-
Selection day for the three schools at National Library in Newmarket (83 Remuera Rd)

National Library (Rosemary) will order books and despatch them to GBI schools, most will arrive before the school holidays or as soon as schools open again in February, the last ones will arrive by May 2009. Library teams will be cataloguing and processing.

2009, Term 1 or 2-
Probable second visit by Rob Finlay, for PD and other implementation of actions, to supplement distance procedures

June 2009-
End of project- sign-offs and monitoring process

Any continuing involvement with Aotea ICT PD and ongoing support through adviser

Contact details:
Esther Casey 09 524 3865/ esther.casey@natlib.govt.nz
(SSLP coordinator until maternity leave in Term 4)
Rob Finlay, 09 524 3864/ rob.finlay@natlib.govt.nz
(Adviser for Great Barrier schools)
Rosemary Tisdall, 09 523 1091 x 810/ rosemary.tisdall@natlib.govt.nz
(SSLP Reference Librarian)

25 sept 08
Hi everyone
Thanks for making Rosemary and me very welcome on our recent September visit.
Since we returned we have sent over draft Action Plans: at the moment they are still discussion points, so we look forward to hearing back from you.
In the mean time, I set a Wiki challenge while we were with you- for each person to share what you hope to achieve from SSLP with your school, and to add your contact details to the Contact details link to the left, at your earliest convenience.
The idea is to use the wiki and put life into SSLP.
We'd love to hear from you

June 09
Hi everybody
Good progress has been made with new books- my thanks to Rosemary for her role- processing and cataloguing and the other work done. There have been some hiccoughs with Access-it, but hopefully it's almost fixed. I'm looking forward to seeing you again, picking up on any issues remaining, having an end of programme evaluation (we can use phones or skype for that) and being involved with the inquiry part of Aotea ICT PD.
I've added a new page to the wiki for the Inquiry learning. There are some great links that are worth exploring.
Keep in touch