This page is for us to work on setting up a procedures manual, and for discussion on any matters that arise.
Please read the Information Guide: you are welcome to download and adapt it as your topic headings:

Getting started: As a team, there are some decisions to be made about:
FORMAT (vertical file, electronic, lever arch file(s), other)
Electronic and clear file as other procedual docs are
LOCATION (Library, school office- consider having two copies or sites for locating)
RESPONSIBILITY (who will file what?- which relates to who does what?)
TIMEFRAME (what will be done and when? Since it can't all be done at once, where will we start? what is most pressing or important- what will be disastrous or messy to forget?)
One suggestion is to edit this page (see above, then save) as a record of your decisions.
Okiwi library develpment should include:
adding a ranchslider and deck to the building- BOT budgeting
ability to access other school data bases
adding professional resources to Access It and as a section of the library
identifying and addressing areas where books are short.
using AccessIt from the classroom
Tamariki using on line data bases and resources

Kia ora Okiwi school- and thanks for your input. I'll send an email tonight to catch up with you. Enjoy the long weekend.