Inquiry Learning is a core approach underpinning all the Key Competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum:
  • Thinking - critical thinking, questioning, creative thinking and metacognition (thinking about your learning)
  • Relating to others - being open to the views and knowledge of others
  • Using language and symbols - knowing how to use resources, to comprehend and find meaning
  • Managing self - related to personalised learning, setting tasks and following them through
  • Participating and contributing - learning takes place in community

And it also gives purpose to the use of ICT in learning:
  • Search processes and applications, eg Access-it
  • Websites and databases, including EPIC, Te Ara, the various websites developed or accessible through the National Library.

I've added some links below relating to these databases and Inquiry processes:
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I suppose you all have this website on your Desktops: There are some great examples for students on needing to be careful about information (eg Le Roy's account of Great Barrier's history.)