From our discussions today (24 July 2008), these are the actions I think we agreed on - feel free to edit!!

  • Esther to invite Ferna and Colin to join the wiki
  • Esther to start putting some content on the wiki (specifically links to Nat Lib info guides)
  • Indira, Ferna and Colin to send Esther email addresses of other staff to invite to join the wiki
  • Kaitoke and Mulberry Grove Schools to get AccessIt up and running
  • Rob (and possibly Rosemary) to visit Great Barrier on the 11th and 12th of September
  • Schools to organise which times Rob will visit where and full staff meeting on the 11th at 4pm
  • Rob to organise logistics of this trip
  • Representatives from all three schools to visit Auckland Nat Lib Centre on 14th November for book selecting day
  • Colin to send Esther and Rob an email outlining plans for Okiwi School library
  • Indira (and others if you like) to invite teacher with library responsibility in the school to call Esther or Rob for a chat, to say hello and to talk a bit more about what we're all doing.
  • Everyone to email, call or wiki with any questions or ideas about what you want to do, or anything you think of that can help you.